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Software Garden, Inc.
Software Garden is a small company that I head. It is known as the original developer of some popular products no longer being sold, such as Dan Bricklin's Demo Program and PageGarden. The products it currently distributes directly are listed on the Software Garden web site's Products page.

Dan Bricklin's Demo Program and demo-it!

Software Garden produced a variety of programs, including Dan Bricklin's Demo, Demo II, and demo-it! for Windows. These programs used to be sold and supported by Lifeboat Software, a division of Programmers Paradise (www.pparadise.com).

The latest version of these demo-making tools is Dan Bricklin's demo-it! for Windows Version 2.0. This program can be used to produce demonstrations, presentations, simulations, and prototypes of Windows programs and web sites. It runs under Windows 3.1, 95, and later (depending upon the screen driver and features used). For years I continued to use the program to do prototypes and demonstrations at Trellix. In fact, the tutorial for Trellix 1.0 and the sales demo for Trellix 2.0 were produced with demo-it! 2.0. The ChiaPaint demonstration joke was created with demo-it! 2.0, too, and you can download it here on this web site. The program is quite powerful and easy to use, and has an interesting user interface that Micah Zimring and I developed.

demo-it! lets you create "slides" or screen images out of bitmaps, text, boxes, lines, screen captures, etc., and link them together with mouse hotspots, and timer, keyboard, and other events to create very realistic simulations of the computer doing something. The text boxes make it easy to add narration. The whole demo is stored in a single compact file. The demo can be run on Windows 3.1 and later by using a freely distributable 160K player that requires no installation.

demo-it! has been used to help sell all sorts of programs, as well as prototype web sites.

The older products, Demo and Demo II, are for MSDOS, not Windows. They were very popular in the old PC days. Many computer products, on all sorts of computers, were designed using Demo -- even avionics displays in airplanes, I hear.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, demo-it! and Demo II are no longer generally available at this time from Programmer's Paradise, which own most of the rights necessary. They also have not been upgraded for modern device drivers nor tested for Windows 98 and above.

For Y2K information, see "Demo and Y2K".

Other Products

The products currently available from Software Garden are listed on our Products page.

We used to have some shoulder bags with Software Garden logos (and may even have one or two left). If you are interested in such stuff, let me know. (People say I should sell signature flannel shirts...)

Dan Bricklin's Overall Viewer is no longer sold or supported by Software Garden, it has been sold to Trellix Corporation.

Dan Bricklin's PageGarden is sold by Lifeboat Publishing. For those that still need this MSDOS printing utility, contact them or me, though it, too, is probably not available at this time.

If you have any questions, send mail to the "webmaster" at this web site.

demo-it! is a trademark of Lifeboat Software.
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