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How this web site is made
This web site is written and maintained using Trellix 2.0 and/or Trellix Web 2.7 from Trellix Corporation, a company I founded (but no longer work for). The products are no longer sold by Trellix, which switched to selling browser-based editing tools that are available only through private label. The original product code has been licensed to GlobalSCAPE that released a new version in the fall of 2001, but it may no longer be available.

This web site is written using multiple Trellix files: one for the History section, one for each album and speech, one for the log, and one for everything else, including this page and the home page.

This part is written using a design I created myself, with some help on the colors and a bit of the layout from Lena and other co-workers at Trellix and from other friends. Unlike many Trellix layouts, this one is frameless and uses tables extensively for layout. I did that so people wouldn't get all bent out of shape about frames when they first encountered my web site, and to make the first page come up as fast as possible. I have some dummy pages that I copy to make new pages.

The History section is a more traditional Trellix document, with frames and a map. The part that might be a bit unusual is that I moved the map to the side and removed the line between the map and the main page area (you add a line with "260=0" to the xlat1.dat file to suppress the frame separation line). The pages come from a layout I created that automatically gives them the look, header, footer, etc.

In both cases, I used Verdana as the main typeface. It seems that this font is becoming popular on the web. Since not all computers have Verdana, I made Trellix output font substitution information in the HTML by adding "261=Verdana:Verdana,Arial,Helvetica" to the xlat1.dat file (the file is in the Trellix 2.0 program files program directory).

Also, in both cases I use a reference to a custom field on one of the pages to hold the copyright date, so I only have to change it in one place to change the whole file.

The albums are produced using normal facilities for web site creation in Trellix.

I originally put the HTML and other files up on the web server using various FTP programs, but now I use Trellix Web to simplify most of the publishing.

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