Here is a list of some other software history sites with old pictures or artifacts. Let me know ( of others.

Listed in the order I added them (i.e., no special order). Thanks to all the people sending me links!

Dave Winer's site dedicated to outlining programs like ThinkTank, Ready!, and MORE.

Early Borland Products:
Turbo Pascal and Turbo C. Early Borland ads.

C Compiler:
Dennis Ritchie's source of an early version of the C language that he used to re-write Unix in C in the early 1970's.

Doug Engelbart's History Corner:
History of the mouse, hypertext systems, and more, from the inventor of the computer mouse.

Web site devoted to the Multics system. I was one of the many people who worked on Multics. It was a very influential system, started in 1965, and inspired Unix (when Bell Labs dropped out of the project), the 80386 chip design, and more.

The first site is from Scott Adams, who wrote various adventure programs (not the Dilbert person). It is a site devoted to Adventure games (interactive fiction, originally text-based). The second site, Adventureland, tries to list all Adventure games, has a timeline, etc.

Mark Pelczarski maintains a web site that describes Apple II software sold by Polarware, a company that existed from 1978-1987 and apparently was known as Penguin Software, Inc., from 1981-1986. Has a link to the "Apple ][ Emulator Resources Guide" page (which mentions that ROM images have copyright restrictions in section 1.3). That Guide includes a link to which includes not only emulators for many old computers but also a replica of an Apple I (not II!) manual.

C, Unix, and more from Dennis Ritchie:
Dennis Ritchie has a list of links to lots of old material, including the First Edition Unix Manual, old photos, paper reprints, and more. See also his letter on this web site.

Virginia Tech History of Computing:
Lots of material, including a great "People and Pioneers" page, links, pictures, and more.

System R History and the Birth of SQL:
Paul McJones' site. "System R is a database system built as a research project at IBM San Jose Research (now IBM Almaden Research Center) in the 1970's. System R introduced the SQL language and also demonstrated that a relational system could provide good transaction processing performance. " Lots of first-person accounts.

Trenco Apple II Archive: //
Lots of Apple II files, including software and documentation. Hundreds of files.